Jessica Biel Reveals What It’s Like To Be Married To Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel has finally spilled the beans on what it’s like to be married to Justin Timberlake, and it sounds pretty darn perfect. Sigh.

The actress married JT in an imitate ceremony in Italy back in October, for which she wore a gorgeous pink custom-made Giambattista Valli gown. 

Describing her marriage to Elle magazine, she said: “It means always having someone there to open the pickle jar… to share the ups and downs with, have adventures with.  Someone to go swimming naked with.  That kind of thing.”

We’re. So. Jealous. 

She added: “He bakes pies. He’s Southern, so he’s got all this influence from his grandma. He does a three-layer pie…and blueberry crunch cake, which is pretty unbelievable.

“It doesn’t happen all that often, thank God. Otherwise, it would be a big problem.”

A problem? We think he sounds like a dream! And her favourite part about being a newlywed?

“Honeymooning is the best thing about being a newlywed,” she said. “I wish I could honeymoon forever.”

OK, enough now. We’re jealous enough, Jess! RM