Jessica Alba Just Posted The Most Amazing #TBT Photo

It even features ANOTHER famous Jessica...

By Jennifer Davis

From the editors of InStyle US

There are good Throwback Thursdays, and then there are great Throwback Thursdays. The photo that Jessica Alba shared today on Instagram is definitely in the latter category.

The new mum of three posted an ad campaign that she modeled for back in the 1990s. While that in and of itself is pretty great, there’s one aspect that makes it even better — Jessica Biel is in it too. While Alba is pretty easy to spot, at first glance you may totally miss Biel. Despite the bright yellow fleece she’s wearing, half of her face in the shadows, but thankfully Alba identified her.

‘#Tbt this was one of my only “real” modeling jobs. I met @jessicabiel,’ Alba wrote alongside the photo, which shows both of the now famous Jessicas in peak ’90s gear. ‘I think I was 12 or 13… maybe 14? It was for Limited Too which was a kids line connected to The Limited. #90’s.’

Along with the group photo, Alba also shared a solo shot of herself wearing a red Limited Too sweatshirt along with a matching turtleneck and ear band.

It’s safe to say Alba just won #TBT.