Jessica Alba Confesses To Drinking And Joyriding At The Age Of 11

Jessica Alba might be a squeaky-clean mum-of-two, actress and businesswoman now, but she hasn’t always sported a shiny golden halo above her gorgeous locks. Yesterday, the star admitted to drinking booze and stealing cars at the tender age of 11. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight to celebrate Mother’s Day in the US, Jess sat down with her own mum to confess a few home truths. She said: “Who was the first boy that I brought over? Santino! We accidentally drank Wild Turkey. How old was I with Santino? Eleven?” 

Yikes. Her mum Cathy – who was equally as shocked as us – replied: “On air right now you are telling me… well, it was so long ago! This is a little shocking that you drank Wild Turkey in sixth grade!” 

And it didn’t end there. Jess added: “Remember when I used to steal the car and go to Jack in the Box? We would go get food. Like, that was our activity! But I was, you know, 12.” 

At age 12, we were playing with Barbies and dreaming of being Gary Barlow‘s wife. 

Jess, you little rebel. 

By Rebecca Martin, 13th May 2013  

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