Love Island’s Jess Speaks Out About Dom And THOSE Mike Rumours

Love Island fans are still speculating about what might be going on between Jess and Mike. But she's hit back...

By now you’ve probably heard all about the rumours that have been surrounding  Jess Shears and Mike Thalassiti.

Following their departure from Love Island, the pair seem to have been spending quite a bit of time together. Pictures have been posted to both of their social media accounts, leaving fans questionning whether they might have got a little closer.

Rumours also started circulating about whether or not they had spent the night together, although both Jess and Mike have fiercely denied the allegations.

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Of course, the remaining islanders are still in the villa with no access to the internet, so it would have been safe to assume that Jess’s beau Dom should have been able to enjoy the remainder of his time on the show without hearing the accusations…

And that probably would have been the case, if it hadn’t been for the fact that Gabby and Marcel were the winners of some Skype calls from home – and, yup, the news leaked into the villa that way.

The blonde dancer’s mum told her of the allegations that ‘Jess has been at it with Mike’ since leaving the show, and this was mirrored by Blazin’ Squads’ comments to Marcel.

Ever the mediator, Marc’ decided that he had no choice but to pass on the alleged information to his pal. And it’s fair to say that Dom did not take it well, although he did highlight that Jess should be ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

Dom walked out of the villa for some alone time after hearing the allegations…

Caroline Flack made it her mission to get to the bottom of things during Sunday’s Aftersun. Both Jess and Mike took to the sofa as special guests, and they denied that anything had gone down between them besides their friendship.

Mike told the ITV2 presenter” ‘We are just friends…

‘She’s a good-looking girl but I don’t fancy her. We’ve spoken since we got back but that’s only because she’s the only person who knows what I’m going through.

‘I’m the only person who knows what she’s going through. The only reason I had my arm around her in the VT is because she was sad. We were both sad because we had both been evicted.’

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Jess reiterated: ‘We never went into each other’s rooms. Absolutely nothing happened. It’s almost laughable. I’ve messaged him because I’ve been crying about it, and what’s silly now is we can’t go out as a group because everyone’s going to talk more.’

And as for Dom?

‘I just want to get hold, give him a hug, and tell him there’s no truth behind it. I genuinely see us working outside of the villa.’

As the show aired, a few fans pointed out that Jess had her hand on Mike’s leg, which lead many to question things further.

But Jess angrily hit back at the comments, tweeting: ‘Crazy how you can’t be mates with boy anymore 🤔’.

Many fans have been left begging for the Love Island producers to send her back so that she can tell Dom her side of the story…

Will it happen?! We guess anything is possible…