Celebrity Big Brother’s Jess Impiazzi Admits Something Surprising On The Show

And it's fair to say that her fellow housemates were shocked...

By Naomi Bartram

From the editors of CelebsNow

Celebrity Big Brother may have only started on Tuesday evening, but we’re hooked.

With eight powerful women all trapped inside the most famous house in the country, fireworks have already started flying.

Side note: was anyone else VERY entertained by India Willoughby and Ann Widdecombe‘s rather uncomfortable spat over the sleeping arrangements?

Anyway, it was glamour model Jess Impiazzi who really got her fellow CBB housemates talking when she revealed something very surprising about her underwear.

Well, basically she doesn’t wear any!

Yep, the Ex On The Beach star was getting dressed for bed when discussion turned to bras after some of the ladies were trying to come up with a system to show if the bathroom was free. Because, y’know it’s CBB so locks aren’t allowed.

When India suggested leaving a bra on the door handle to show someone’s in the loo, Jess told the group: ‘I don’t even have a bra, I don’t own one. I wear crop tops.’

Journalist Rachel Johnson then bluntly asked the 28-year-old: ‘How do you keep your boobs up?’

To which she replied: ‘Oh, they’re not real. I do wear crop tops and if I’m running obviously it hurts a bit, but I just wear crop tops ever single day.’

Coronation Street star Amanda Barrie then joined in, revealing: ‘I’m a little the same, owing to the fact that I don’t have any t*ts’, before admitting she used to feel ‘ashamed’ of her boobs.



The candid conversation comes after Jess and Amanda were partnered up for the exciting first live task of the series where they had to complete an electrical circuit in order to turn the lights back on.

And after coming out on top (within record time), the impressive pair won themselves immunity from nominations next week.

Jess and Amanda were then asked to choose a housemate that would also get immunity, and following a lot of deliberation they picked former detective Maggie Oliver down to her ‘fair judgement’ and ‘kindness’. Aw!


Bring on the next three weeks…