Has Jennifer Lopez Made A Bit Of An Error?

Jennifer Lopez released her new single, Ain’t Your Mama, yesterday. But there’s one very big problem with it…

No, it’s not the tune – it’s super summery, is all about female empowerment and will no doubt become a total anthem. It’s not the artwork, either – on the cover, J Lo’s channeling ’40s pin-up in a pair of black silk hotpants and a white shirt, and those big curls and that hot red lip are undeniably flawless.

Nope, it’s something else entirely – the fact that it’s produced by Dr. Luke. Hmm.

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The 46-year-old singer has got alot of people’s backs up by releasing a single produced by the man that’s being accused of sexually abusing fellow singer Kesha.

Because in a time when celebrities like Lady Gaga and Adele are publically speaking out in support of Kesha, it seems a bit of a weird move for J Lo to then go and collaborate with him? Especially when the song’s being heralded a ‘feminist anthem’.

Since the single’s release, fans on Twitter have been unable to hide their shock.


‘So Jennifer Lopez worked with Dr Luke on her new song Ain’t Your Mama. Really JLo? disappointed… #kesha #freekeshanow #JenniferLopez #jlo’, one wrote.

‘[Interested] to see how Jennifer Lopez’s team and her are going to defend her releasing a Dr. Luke produced song’, wrote another.

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Kesha said that Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, drugged and raped her in 2005 and 2008. On Wednesday, a judge refused her plea to be released from her Sony contract with him, which infuriated Kesha supporters everywhere.

So far, Jen has yet to respond to the comments.