Did Jennifer Lopez Just Refer To Herself As ‘Chunky’?

Jennifer Lopez is a goddess. Fact. But she has her body hang-ups just like the rest of us…

The 46-year-old is known for her flawless skin, gorgeous glow and incredibly fit physique. In fact, she’s most people in the LOOK office’s #1 girl crush.

And when you look at her body, the last word that would ever spring to mind would be chunky, no?

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jennifer lopez selfie *This* is the picture that J Lo referred to herself as ‘chunky’


Well, last night during her appearance on US chat show The View, that’s exactly how Jen described herself. We mean, does she need glasses?!

When a selfie of herself flashed onto the screen behind the panel, showing Jen working a body-hugging sequinned vest and matching pencil skirt, the singer immediately said: ‘I was a little bit on the chunky side there, as you can see.’

Erm, NO WE CANNOT SEE! All we see is some seriously sexy curves and one fine bootay. Are you listening, Jen?

jennifer lopez Well, you look pretty flawless to us, Jen


Fellow panelist Whoopi Goldberg also couldn’t hide her horror over Jen’s self-criticism, and replied with: ‘Do we need to show you what chunky looks like?’, before standing up and showing off her own body.

Jen then explained. ‘Not chunky! That’s not what I meant!’ she said. ‘I fluctuate. I go up and down like seven or eight pounds all the time.’

‘Like when I’m doing the [Vegas] show I get slim. Then when I stop, I’m eating and I get chunky – I feel it.’

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jennifer lopez red dress Jen explains that touring keeps her super fit


We guess all women feel these kinds of hang-ups, and it’s refreshing to hear a celebrity who’s known for her incredibly fit body speak so openly about it. But really, chunky was not the right word.

Explaining how her high-intensity shows keep her fit, J Lo added: ‘Right now, because of the Vegas show, dancing and cardio… We’re doing a lot of low impact cardio because it’s so much dancing.’

All we know is we’d KILL for those curves. Never forget that, lady.