Have You Heard About Jennifer Lawrence’s Girl Gang?

We are all big fans of Jennifer Lawrence. Talented, down to earth and downright hilarious, we could sing J-Law’s praises all day. But, how far would you go to show your appreciation for the actress?

Well, a group of super fans from the star’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky have found an entirely new way of celebrating their favourite celebrity. The group of girls from North Oldham Middle and High School have raised $10,000 to install a 30’ by 40’ banner of Lawrence on the city’s Kentucky Center.

13 year old Zoe Kuhn is the ringleader of the girl gang and rallied her fellow students to create a group who call themselves the ‘Lawrence’s Ladies’
.  Speaking to Vanity Fair about her admiration for Lawrence Kuhn explained, “I love Jennifer’s acting because she can be hilarious in real life and then play a serious role in a movie.”

Kuhn’s group of seven have been meeting regularly and have raised the money via bake sales and their GoFundMe page. Publicising their efforts via their Twitter account the teens have caused quite a storm. After a year of plugging away at their cause, their hard work has now paid off as the banner was unveiled this past weekend.


The Lawrence Ladies The ‘Lawrence Ladies’ at one of their meetings


Having reached their target of $10,000 they now plan to donate the rest of the money they have raised to Lawrence’s charity, aptly named The Jennifer Lawrence Foundation.


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Lawrence – who topped the annual Forbes list of the highest paid female actors in the world for the first time this August – joins other Louisville’s famous faces including Muhammad Ali and Diane Sawyer as a ‘hometown hero’.

The Lawrence ladies have yet to hear directly from The Hunger Games star but did receive a quote about how excited she was to have her poster hung amongst the other famous posters.


By Elizabeth Bennett