J-Law Storms Out Of Awkward Interview As Part Of Prank

Jennifer Lawrence spectacularly stormed out of an interview this week, whilst promoting the last installment of the Hunger Games movies – which, FYI, is out this week, and we can hardly wait!

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Don’t worry too much though. J-Law wasn’t too distressed by the ordeal. She was actually taking part in pranking the famous jokers over at SMOSH. 

You see they thought they were pranking her, but actually the joke was on them. And it was all part of a collaboration with Defy Media for their Pranks For Good charity campaign.


The interview between Ian Hecox and Jennifer Lawrence was really a prank-off. And it makes for LOL viewing. 



Interviewer Ian was being told what to say by his partner in crime, Anthony Padilla, whilst J-Law was being fed awkward responses by her co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, with the help of a SMOSH fan Dylan Miceli-Nelson. 

J-Law was encouraged to hit back with a series of unimpressed faces and awkward one liners. She also made sure that she put Ian in his place, particularly when Anthony instructed him to take his shoes off mid-interview. After all, she does have to wear heels all day. 



The Mockingjay star eventually rips out her ear piece and hits out at Ian: ‘I’m sorry, I feel like you’re not really a professional’, before walking off set. 

Ian and Anthony are left wondering if he may have just gone a little too far.

It’s hilariously awkward. And you can watch the full video interview below.

Oh, Jen. You’re just so cool.