Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out About The Naked Photo Scandal

She says it made her feel like she 'got gang banged by the f***ing planet'

By Jenny Proudfoot

From the editors of Marie Claire UK

Sadly, public shaming has become the norm for female celebrities, with many high profile women having naked photographs of them sold and spread against their will – whether that’s a snap of them sunbathing topless or an intimate photo hacked from their phone.

From Kate Upton and Rihanna to Kirsten Dunst and even Kate Middleton, the list of high profile women who have been victims to nude photo scandals is endless.

And just last week Sia was targeted by a naked photo scandal, responding to the incident by uploading them to the internet herself.

In 2014, one of the biggest nude photo scandals to date targeted Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. The star had her private photos hacked and a number of naked photos that she had taken for then-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, were splashed over the internet.

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‘I feel like I got gang-banged by the fucking planet,’ Jennifer explained in an interview at The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter Podcast. ‘There was not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me.

‘When the hacking thing happened – it was so unbelievably violating that you can’t even put into words. I think that I am still actually processing [it].’

Going on to explain why she didn’t go on to sue, Jennifer stated that it wouldn’t have accomplished anything, explaining how taking legal action wouldn’t get the photos erased.

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‘None of that was going to bring me peace and none of that was going to bring my nude body back to me and Nick, the person they were intended for.’

We can’t imagine how horrible this would have been for J-Law and all the other A-listers involved; It’s no surprise that they may still be processing it.