Jennifer Lawrence Just Got A Huge Payrise…

Jennifer Lawrence, 24, has just had some pretty good news – and we can’t help but think it’s pretty brilliant news for women everywhere. 

Having been cast as the lead in new upcoming sci-fi flick, Passengers, J-Law is set to earn a sweet £12.6m for the part – a whopping £5m more than her male co-star, Chris Pratt. 

It comes after Sony’s now infamous ‘hacking scandal’, where leaked emails revealed that Jen was paid less than her American Hustle colleagues, despite playing a main role. And it looks like her team were keen to act in the light of that revelation. Go team. 

Chris Pratt on the Jurassic Park red carpet Jennifer Lawrence is earning way more than Chris Pratt


The good news continues, as Jen’s new contract for this film means that should the big budget Hollywood blockbuster break even, she’ll recieve an even larger sum – 30% of the profits no less.

Current budget rumours estimate the film will cost £63m+ to make. So that’s at least … Well, it’s a lot! We’re not sure how Chris Pratt, 35, feels but after years of women in film being underpaid compared to their male counterparts, it’s something we’ll be celebrating. And we bet Jen’s having a glass of Prosecco tonight too.