Jennifer Lawrence Is Upset About Her Oscars Fall

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about her second Oscars fall for the first time – and from the sound of it, the usually bubbly actress isn’t feeling too sprightly about the whole thing.

Instead of laughing it off like she usually does, the 23-year-old American Hustle star has admitted that she’s worried people will assume the worst about her constant public clumsiness.

‘I’m afraid that like – I got so scared and I hope nobody took a picture, because I’m afraid it’s going start looking like a gimmick’, she told Access Hollywood.

Explaining her fall as she made her way onto the red carpet, J-Law continued: ‘I don’t know how it happened so fast. I wasn’t even at the press yet. But there was a cone outside my car and yeah, I ran over the cone.’

Jen famously tripped up the steps at the 2013 Oscars as she went to claim her golden gong for Best Actress. And despite a quick practice rehearsal before this year’s star-studded ceremony, it looks like she just couldn’t avoid history repeating itself.

‘This year I actually did a stair test out on the back staircase and got it a little dusty, but it worked’, she added. ‘But I did trip over a cone, so I guess… I’m not safe.’

Might be time to get a little more practice in lady…

By Robyn Munson

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