Why Everyone Is Talking About This Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence

The picture, which was captured by a fan and posted to Instagram, has fuelled dating rumours surrounding the actress...

Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronofsky have been spotted out having a bite to eat, and it’s sent J-Law’s fan base into a bit of a frenzy.

One eagle-eyed fan claims to have spotted the pair at a restaurant in New York City, and decided to take a ‘discrete’ snap to share the celebrity sighting with their Instagram followers.

Uploading the picture to the photo-sharing website, the fan in question captioned the snap: ‘I know I probably bothered her with my picture and I do apologize (I tried to be as discrete as possible), but how often do you get to see a celebrity in person #jenniferlawrence #newyork #newyorkcity’ [sic].

It didn’t take too long for more fans to spot the post, with others sharing their excitement at catching a glimpse of their idol.

One wrote, ‘Its been months since we saw her. Thanks @goldie91218 for this photo. We the fans has been suffering’ [sic].

Another followed with the comment: ‘Well now we know she’s alive cuz we didn’t hear of her since may 30…’

Others seemed a little concerned for her privacy, with reactions including: ‘did she know you were taking the picture’ and ‘At least you weren’t obnoxious and quietly took a photo. Some fans have no decorum or sense of boundaries’ [sic].


Reports seem to be speculating about whether the 26-year-old is ‘dating’ the filmmaker, but there’s absolutely nothing to suggest this in the picture.

Perhaps they just went out for a business lunch?

Aronofsky was working with Jennifer on a movie over the Summer – which also stars Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer – and, according to The Sun, the pair allegedly grew close whilst on set.

The film project is yet to be given a name, but we’ll be watching this space…