Jennifer Lawrence’s Latest Food Blunder Is Just Brilliant

Jennifer Lawrence‘s love of junk food nearly landed her in big trouble when she made a rookie wardrobe error on the American Hustle set.

The 23-year-old Hollywood starlet quickly discovered that Doritos and designer gowns do not mix when her snack food stains nearly wrote off her character’s white-hot Dior dress.

Spilling about J-Law’s messy on-set eating habits, the film’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson revealed that the fact that his team had made four versions of the actress’s skin-tight dress to cater for any potential spillages really came in handy.

‘Jennifer Lawrence is a very… let’s say… raw and intuitive young lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume’, he told reporters at the Diane von Furstenberg exhibit in LA.

We love the thought of Jen scoffing a couple of bags of Nacho Cheese before furiously trying to rub yellow Dorito dust off her frock.

The Grammy award-winning actress also recently confessed that her love of cake was to blame for her now infamous 2013 Oscars trip.

‘I was at the Oscars, waiting to hear
 if my name was called, and I kept thinking, Cakewalk, cakewalk, cakewalk,’ Jen told W magazine.

‘I thought, Why is ‘cakewalk’ stuck in my head? And then, as I started to walk up the stairs and the fabric from my dress tucked under my feet, I realized my stylist had told me, ‘Kick, walk, kick, walk.’

‘You are supposed to kick the dress out while you walk, and I totally forgot because I was thinking about cake! And that’s why I fell.’


By Robyn Munson

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