Jennifer Garner Says Her Oscars Dress Crushed Her Organs

Jennifer Garner just explained exactly how hard it is to be a woman. A woman who wears amazing dresses to fabulous red carpets, that is.

If you cast your mind back to this year’s Oscars, you’ll remember that Jennifer turned up in a custom-made black Versace gown, that boasted a structured bodice and sweetheart neckline.

But whilst the actress looked totally poised and elegant on the red carpet, she’s now revealed exactly how much pain the dress left her in… Brace yourselves, because this one’s a killer.

In a new interview with Jimmy Fallon, Garner went into explicit detail about how the dress was made for her.

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jennifer garner oscars 2016 Smiling through the pain…


‘What they do is, the move your organs around,’ the 43-year-old said, before explaining that two men placed her into a metal corset, ‘and the next thing I know, my ribs were compressed.’

Ew! And it gets worse. 

‘It was not like [Spanx], it is so intense,’ she stressed. ‘It’s not like Scarlett O’Hara. There’s metal inside it. And these people just kind of move your ribs and they move your liver out to the side and they pop you in.”

Jen then pointed at a photo of her wearing said gown like a goddess, and said: ‘See how I have a waist right there? I don’t have one in real life anymore.’

jennifer garner oscars 2016 She looked amazing, but was it worth a crushed liver?! We’re not sure, Jen…


LOL. This all sounds fairly terrible, tbh. Jen then went on to explain how she was also forced into a skintight bodysuit to wear underneath, which made things a little tricky when she needed the toilet. 

‘The connection of the body-suit, because it had a hook-and-eye situation, was in an intimate position’, she explained. ‘It was like… In my vagine.’

Eventually, Jen had to ask a friend to reach it and release her from her misery, and… Well, we won’t go into detail.

Gosh, the lengths of looking as great as Garner. They hardly seem worth it, eh?

jennifer garner oscars 2016 Jen said she also had issues with a black bodysuit she was forced to wear underneath