Jennifer Aniston Weighs In On ‘Friends’ Reunion Rumours

Jennifer Aniston had her say on the rumoured Friends reunion during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in the US last night. 

The actress was on Ellen’s show to promote her new movie, Call Me Crazy, when the host raised the topic of a possible reunion. Yesssss. But Jen did her best ‘surprised’ face and acted like it was the first she’d heard about the project. She also looked incredibly shocked by the crowd’s huge cheers and applause.

Ellen kicked off the chat by saying: “I’m responsible for the entire Friends reunion that’s gonna happen.” 

Referring to the rumour, Jen said: “Did Matthew Perry start that? Cause he’s getting some good airtime on this show. I’ve been watching.” 

Yesterday we reported how the show’s producer Marta Kauffman confirmed that there were no plans for a reunion series – and worse yet – that a movie was “never going to happen”. Sob.

It all started when a fake promotional picture was leaked on Twitter featuring the famous sofa, the Friends logo and the caption ‘Friends: The One With The Reunion’. 

The producers might have said no, but Jen doesn’t seem too opposed to the idea. Please change their minds, Ellen!  

By Rebecca Martin, 18th April 2013

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