Why Viewers Could Not Understand Jennifer Aniston’s Appearance On The One Show

Yup. You read that correctly. THE Jennifer Aniston took a spot on the BBC sofa to talk about her new film...

Jennifer Aniston (we repeat, IRL Jennifer Aniston) was a special guest on The One Show last night, promoting her new film Office Christmas Party. 

Of course, viewers were sharing their thoughts on social media. Because, these days, what’s a night in front of the telly without a phone and your Twitter feed in your hand? Exactly.


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And it appears that a lot of people were confused by her appearance on the BBC talk show.

Of course, Jen-An is probably one of the most famous A List actresses in the world, so to see her taking a spot on one of our regular evening shows was a little out of the ordinary to say the least.

But there was also a pretty awkward moment that got people across the internet talking. Yup, the former Friends star decided to talk about sex toys. We mean, good on you girl, but next time it’s probably best to check that there’s no children in earshot first.

Jen was quizzed on her latest film role alongside directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon. They were asked whether her character (Carol) was more like Rachel Green or her part from Horrible Bosses.

Josh Gordon decided that there’s ‘a little bit of both’ in there, but Jennifer interrupted to say that her Office Christmas Party role was basically the same, ‘just without the sex toys.’


Twitter reacted accordingly.

Never a dull moment, eh?

We thought that she was a terrific addition to show, and she just so happened to look absolutely incredible too.

Yup. If it’s possible, we love you even more Jen-An.