In the trailer for We're The Millers, Jennifer Aniston can be seen stripping down to her underwear

Jennifer Aniston Strips Down To Her Underwear In ‘We’re The Millers’

Jennifer Aniston might be 44 years old, but boy has she got an incredible bikini body. The star has stripped down to a tiny nude lacy bra and knickers for her new movie, We’re The Millers, in which she plays a racy stripper. 

Shying away from her signature romcoms, Jen fulfils the role of a stripped-turned-soccer mum in her latest film, alongside Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts

The movie sees Jen and her on-screen hubby team up to ship drugs across the border from Mexico. But in order to smuggle the cannabis over without getting caught by the authorities, Jen ditches her stripper attire to pretend to be a frumpy mum-of-two (though she still looks super-hot). 

The trailer, unveiled last night at the Hangover 3 premiere, shows Jen prove her stripper background by performing a short – and very racy striptease for a team of drug dealers.

Justin Theroux is a lucky, lucky man. We’re The Millers hits cinema this summer. 

By Rebecca Martin, 23rd May 2013

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