Jennifer Aniston Comes Clean About What Was Going On With THAT Outfit

After a snap of her leaving the tags on went viral, the actress has spoken out...

Oh, Jennifer Aniston.

The 47-year-old got everyone talking this week when she forgot to remove the tags from her red carpet outfit. Happens to us all the time. Well, minus the red carpet part, obvs.

Now, she’s addressed the moment during a television appearance.

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Jennifer Aniston Jimmy Kimmel

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actress was shown the photograph that had found its way around the internet, which showed her swing tag clearly visible on the inside seam of her jacket.

Never afraid to poke fun at herself, the former Friends actress joked, ‘I look like something horrible happened to me’.

Jennifer Aniston label

Oh dear. Don’t worry Jen, we’d look a whole lot worse if we were caught unawares with a camera.

Explaining that she must have been seen with the tag before, she told the audience: ‘I wore that coat at least four times.’

She added, ‘It was gifted to me from a commercial I did.’

Jimmy teased her, asking if she was sure that she’d not just walked out with the blazer, something that we know Jen An would never do.

The Céline jacket has been around for a while, though, with Justin Theroux’s wife explaining, ‘I wore it home and I didn’t realize…

‘Four wears later [and you see this]’.

What a legend.