Jay Z Might Have Something To Say About Lemonade

Guys – Jay Z might have something to say about the whole Lemonade drama.

Yep, in a dramatic turn of events, the rapper is said to be penning a retaliation album hitting back against Beyonce’s latest lyrics.

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As we know, Bey’s ‘better call Becky with the good hair’ line has thrown their marriage under intense scrutiny, with many leaping to the assumption that someone might have been playing away…

But after staying quiet about the whole thing – and not even turning up to this year’s MET Gala to support Bey – it sounds like Jay’s simply gearing up to have his own say.

According to US Weekly, Jay-Z is currently working on an album that tells ‘his side of things.’



‘Jay is working on an album telling his side of things’, a source told US Weekly. 

Ooh. What could Jay possibly say in this new album? Will he spill even more secrets about the pair’s eight-year marriage? One thing’s for sure – we predict a sellout.

Beyonce’s cousin Shanica Knowles dropped a bombshell this week, revealing that Bey and Jay have actually gone through  several ‘silent separations’ over the years.

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Dad Matthew Knowles, however, is still claiming that people are simply getting the wrong end of the stick when it comes to his daughter’s lyrics.

‘People want to make it about her,” Matthew told US Weekly. ‘Maybe she dug deep and made it about something we all could relate to.’

Whatever’s going on, we’re fascinated to hear Jay’s take on it all…