CBB Viewers Notice Something Odd About Jasmine Waltz’s Exit Interview

There were definitely a few tweets about Jasmine Waltz's appearance on last night's CBB...

So it’s safe to say Celebrity Big Brother star Jasmine Waltz’s exit interview was pretty eventful last night.

The evicted housemate got voted off the show on Sunday night, and was finally granted her exit interview by Emma Willis yesterday evening. But just moments in, there were already fireworks.

It all kicked off when Jasmine was accused of swearing too much by host Emma, who asked her to ‘rein her language in’ for fear of upsetting the viewers.

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jasmine waltz

Jasmine Waltz was told off be Emma Willis for her language

Then, Jasmine opened up about her flirty relationship with former housemate Calum Best after it was rumoured that they might have dated before entering the house.

‘I’ve known Calum for a long time, Jasmine said, before adding: ‘I don’t think [the dating] was last year.’

She continued: ‘We’ve been good friends for a long time. We’ve had a lot of experience of things. I think he’s amazing.’

jasmine waltz calum

Jasmine opened up about her relationship with Calum Best…

However, the 34-year-old went on to admit that she was upset when she watched some of the CBB footage back.

‘I was hurt when I saw that he didn’t on camera have my back’, she told Emma. ‘I know for a fact he would have spoke up a little bit. I know the people I thought were going to have my back would, but I was disappointed for five minutes.’

After her appearance with Emma, Jasmine then took up a seat on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side afterwards. And viewers soon started commenting on her unusual behaviour…

‘I think Jasmine has been on the drink tonight 🙈🙈 #CBBBOTS’, one tweeted.

‘Jasmine is sooo drunk #CBBBOTS #CBB’, said another.

‘Jasmine, p***ed on the panel on #CBBBOTS TV GOLD’, tweeted a third.

Well, you can’t say she wasn’t entertaining, eh?