So What Happened To The CBB Eviction We Were Promised Last Night?

Fans were left disappointed after the Channel 5 show failed to show an eviction on Sunday night's episode...

Viewers of Celebrity Big Brother were left disappointed on Sunday night, when it appeared that a shock eviction failed to happen.

Friday night saw Emma Willis hosting the live show, as usual, with Angie Best becoming the first of this year’s celebrity housemates to get voted out of the show by the public. Taking the news well, Calum Best’s mum said her goodbyes to the rest of the house before making her exit.

Angie Best

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Emma then explained to the audience that a ‘weekend of hell’ was about to rain down on the celebrities, which kicked off with the arrival of three new housemates.

Geordie Shore‘s Chloe Ferry, The Apprentice‘s Jessica Cunningham and Kim Woodburn all entered. Their first task was to deliver something to one unlucky housemate that would, ultimately, get them the boot in a shock eviction.

Yup. We’re still upset about that one, Austin.

Emma Willis

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At the end of the live show, Emma told viewers that there would be a weekend of hell, which would result in another shock eviction on Sunday night.

So, when the end credits rolled with no eviction in sight, fans of the show flocked to social media out of confusion.

Reactions included: ‘@bbuk What happened to tonight’s eviction? Is this just something else to find out about on Twitter tomorrow’ and ‘Rushed home after a long day to catch up on the #cbb eviction – no eviction. Feel lied to. Not happy. At all! 😒’

But now it’s been revealed that there WAS an eviction last night, but it didn’t get aired. The secret twist, which is apparently set to feature on Channel 5 tonight, involves Jasmine Waltz getting the boot at the end of the weekend’s hellish task, a source has alleged to The Sun

With the news getting out, social media has been flooded with comments from fans of the show. And many seem unimpressed.

Reactions include: ‘Seriously @bbuk I ❤ the show but come on u always say who goes u decide but yet this will be the second eviction we didnt get to decide #cbb [sic]’ and ‘just heard whose left-not that i agree with this sort of eviction but also not bothered #cbb’.

So, is it really the end of Jasmine’s time in the house?

We’ll be tuning in to Celebrity Big Brother tonight to find out how things really went down.