Did You Spot The Awkward Moment During This Weekend’s X Factor?

Someone that Simon Cowell remembers *very* well made their X Factor return at the weekend...

It’s not uncommon for X Factor contestants to come back and audition again, but we’re sure you’ll agree that some make a bigger impression than others.

This time, though, Simon Cowell came face-to-face with one of his biggest X Factor regrets (probably).

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Cast your minds back to 2014, and you might remember Janet Grogan.

Simon definitely does. Why? Well, Janet made it through to the gruelling six chair challenge, and it was the big boss man that sent her home.

At the time, social media completely disagreed with his choice. And he later confessed to having made a mistake, taking to his own Twitter account to write: ‘I should have kept Janet. My mistake.’

Those are some big words coming from the music mogul himself.

So big, in fact, that it spurred Janet on to make an X Factor return, taking the audition spot once again during Saturday night’s show.

It could have been pretty awkward, but she wowed the judges with a cover of Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk, and Si’ took the opportunity to admit his mistake on air.

The Irish singer admitted that the rejection had left her ‘devastated’, before saying that she ‘felt like I’d let my family down.’

Referencing his now-famous tweet, she explained: ‘At first I was mad and then it was like its not everyday Simon admits he made his mistake!’


Simon seemed chuffed to see her again. He told her: ‘At least I can admit to my mistakes!

‘I was always praying you’d come back to the audition room.

He finished: ‘I’m excited, you’re the best we’ve had today.’

Even @simoncowell makes mistakes. Well done, @janetgroganmusic. #smashedit #XFactor

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