Binky Felstead’s Mum Writes A Moving Blog Post About Her Pregnancy

'What a wonderful gift this is'

Binky Felstead’s mum Jane has opened up about her daughter’s pregnancy.

The Made In Chelsea star, 26, hit us with the shock news that she and her on-off boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson are expecting their first child over the weekend.

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When you get the best surprise you never knew you always wanted … There's a little 'buh' on the way 👶🏻❤️

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We already know that Jane is thrilled. She wrote on Instagram earlier this week: ‘Couldn’t be happier. Finally a baby – all for me! These two are going to be great!#binky #jp.’

And now she’s revealed how she really took the news, writing in her MailOnline column: ‘As you may know, a short while ago I suddenly found out I am going to be a grandmother! My much-loved youngest daughter Binky found out she was expecting a baby.

‘Total shock of course for both of us – and within a matter of minutes all THREE of us (poor Josh – he never saw that happening either!)

‘Like the good man he is – and especially as their relationship isn’t as one would expect – he immediately rose to the challenge, supporting her in her shock.

‘Binks has always loved children; being very maternal she always saw herself having a big family – in the future!’

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Jane goes on to say that ‘the future is a wonderful thing’ because ‘you can let it sort itself out; because apart from tomorrow, we have absolutely no control.’

True – but still gorgeous

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She continues: ‘So back to Binks, and Josh, and my new little darling, and what a wonderful gift this is.

‘I can’t express how happy I am. For them to have this child is exactly what I meant earlier: life just happens and there’s really no point planning.

‘They are both overcome with joy; and suddenly the future they planned – if they had planned one (which I doubt) – is turned on its head. They are going in a whole new exciting direction which will bring them undreamed of happiness – as well as extreme tiredness (and penury!).’

Aw. We think Binky’s very lucky to have such a supportive mum.