Jamie O’Hara Weighs In On Pete Wicks And Megan McKenna’s ‘Split’

Yup. The former Celebrity Big Brother star has revealed that he'll soon be living next door to the TOWIE couple..

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks aren’t on the best of terms right now.

The pair – who seemed super loved-up at the start of their romance – haven’t exactly had the easiest ride, what with Pete’s sexting scandal during the last series of The Only Way Is Essex.

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The couple have since been making a go of things, but it seems as though they’ve hit another rocky patch – even hinting that they’re now on a break.

But Jamie O’Hara (of all people) has now spoken out about their volatile relationship. Stay with us.

Jamie O'Hara

Don’t worry, the former Celebrity Big Brother star hasn’t been dishing out relationship advice, but he has revealed that he’ll be a neighbour to the feisty TOWIE pair.

Taking to Twitter, the footballer made light of the TOWIE couples’ recent barney, whilst also telling his followers that he was about to become their new neighbour.

He wrote: ‘Might have to get a bomb shelter for my new gaff with @P_Wicks and @Megan_McKenna_ as neighbours #towie #soundproof.’

Oh dear.

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This came after the first episode of The Only Way Is Essex‘s new series aired, showing Megan and Pete embroiled in a war of words (again).

Days before, Megan was put on the spot during an appearance on This Morning, when she was quizzed on her relationship by hosts Eamonn and Ruth. The 24-year-old told them it was ‘complicated’, but also said: ‘I’d be professional. Out of respect for each other we won’t speak about each other.’

They have reportedly unfollowed one another on social media.

We have a feeling that we’ll have to tune in to ITVBe’s TOWIE to see how this one develops…