Jamie O’Hara Opens Up About Bianca Gascoigne On Lorraine

Jamie has been speaking out about his possible future with Bianca outside of the Celebrity Big Brother house...

Former footballer Jamie O’Hara was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house via the back door over the weekend. And he’s just taken to the sofa on ITV’s Lorraine to give his very first interview since returning to the ‘real world’.

It seems as though the 30-year-old is none too pleased about the way that he was removed from the reality TV house. He told host Lorraine Kelly: ‘It was harsh! I was evicted, sent into hiding, I wasn’t even allowed my phone!’

Never one to shy away from sharing her own opinions, the Scottish presenter pointed out: ‘Maybe it was time for you to go.’

‘I was tired,’ Jamie admitted. He also pointed out: ‘Jedward are brilliant, fun… but so irritating!’

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Lorraine Kelly

There’s no denying that Jamie got tongues wagging during his time in the CBB house. Not only was he accused of flirting up a storm with Nicola McLean, who happens to be married to his mate Tom Williams, but he then lost out on Jasmine Waltz to Calum Best (awks) and then finally started a ‘romance’ with Bianca Gascoigne.


Of course, this didn’t exactly go smoothly either, considering that Bianca had a fella on the outside.

When asked about his future with the 30-year-old, he told Lorraine: ‘It was difficult when she told me [she had a boyfriend]. But I have to respect the fact that she has that situation.

‘I’d love to be with her when she comes out but she’s got to sort out that situation!’

This comes after Jamie was spotted on a night out with newly evicted friend, Calum Best.

They had something of a bromance on the show, so we’re not surprised to see that they headed straight out to celebrate their freedom after being cooped up in the CBB house for weeks.

But some have pointed out that they appeared to be partying with dancers at a nightclub in London, and have now questioned his intentions with Bianca.

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Jamie took to Twitter to comment on the speculation, blaming the whole thing on, erm, Spencer Pratt…?!

He wrote: ‘So my snapchat didn’t take long to get some headlines 🙈🙈 @spencerpratt I’m blaming you’.

We’re sure it was all innocent, though, as Jamie still seems to be pretty smitten with his former CBB lady.

We’ll be watching this space.