Jamie Laing’s Shirt Caused A Stir On Last Night’s Made In Chelsea

And the plait. Twitter could NOT stop talking about the plait.

Last night’s Made In Chelsea had more than it’s fair share of drama. But there was one thing Twitter could NOT stop talking about…

Nope, we’re not talking about the major dramz going down between Louise Thompson and ex Alik Alfus. Or the other major dramz we saw unfolding between Toff, Olivia and Francis (poor Toff).

We’re talking about Jamie Laing. And Jamie Laing’s clothes. Specifically, Jamie Laing’s SHIRT.

Yep, despite the fact that relationships were breaking down and Toff was having her heart broken, Twitter seemed much more obsessed with Jamie’s shirt.

We mean, we can see why:

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And it caused a bit of a debate.

Some were very confused.


Even Binky Felstead joined in. ‘Just letting ya know…. I DID TRY persuade Jamie NOT to buy that shirt…..!!’ she announced.

Others, however, thought it was a total style statement: ‘Jamie gets away with that shirt #MiCSOF’, tweeted one viewer.

And as for the man himself? Well, there was zero shame there. In fact, he seemed almost proud.

However, Jamie’s questionable style choices for the episode didn’t stop there. Because, then there was the plait.

Yep, the tiny baby plait in his hair that crept into shot at the end of the episode.


Wanna see? Here ya go:


(Seriously, Frankie – HOW are you keeping a straight face?)

Oh, and Francis had one too.


LOL. Trailblazers or what?