Jamie Laing Takes Down Controversial Instagram Picture

The Made in Chelsea star has been branded 'irresponsible' by some of his fans

There’s no doubt Jamie Laing is one of Made In Chelsea‘s cheekiest cast members – but one of his latest Instagram posts may have gone a tad too far.

While on a trip to Cumbria with girlfriend Frankie Gaff over the weekend, Jamie posed for a picture while sitting cross legged on a railway track.

Yep. Actual train tracks.

The picture was posted with the tongue-in-cheek caption: ‘The Railway Children’. But while he most likely meant it innocently, some of his followers were quick to point out that the picture was quite irresponsible, especially considering his fame and huge follower count.

Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing / Instagram

‘So irresponsible to post pictures like this after the millions Network Rail invest trying to educate people on the dangers of the tracks. This may be a quiet line but what’s to stop others copying you on a busier line. Don’t be so stupid, you have a lot of followers use your influence for something positive,’ one user commented, according to Now

‘Seriously, delete this. Don’t play on train tracks!’ another added.

Fans also expressed their concerns that young people would copy Jamie’s behaviour. According to The Mirror, one follower said: ‘Not being funny, but that’s a bit irresponsible considering so many kids follow you. God forbid they copy you! Just engage brain.’ While another wrote: ‘Irresponsible considering your young followers. With your education you should know better.’

Clearly Jamie got the message, as it didn’t take long for the photo to be deleted.

While we’re sure he didn’t mean any offence or realise the consequences of taking and posting the photo, it was a pretty silly thing to do. But we’re sure it’s a mistake he’ll only make once.

By Lucy Abbersteen