Fans Have Noticed Something About Jamie Laing’s Naked Photo

The Made In Chelsea lad's latest Instagram snap has *certainly* got people talking...

If you’re a Made In Chelsea fan, you’ll know that Jamie Laing isn’t exactly shy when it comes to getting naked.

The 27-year-old often whips off his clobber on screen. And TBH, there isn’t usually any reason for it. But that’s just Jamie, right?!

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Jamie Laing stripped down to just a pait of pants for the mini TV show

We’ve seen Jamie Laing naked a *few* times before

So we weren’t particularly surprised when the SW3 lad took to Instagram yesterday to share a photo of himself in the nuddy.

The snap saw him posing on a sofa and running his hand through his famous blond locks, with a carefully-placed teddy bear preserving his modesty. Crikey.

He’d captioned the image: ‘Teddy Bears Picnic [sic].’

Teddy Bears Picnic

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Of course, fans had some pretty strong reactions to the picture.

Many were impressed, with comments including: ‘Already liked it, already liked. Daaaaaamnnn J. Laing ?,’ and: ‘Looking super tan, Mr Laing.’

But others had a slightly less positive response. One wrote: ‘His eyes say bedroom, but his teddy bear says help,’ while another said: ‘And this is the pic that’s made me unfollow. Laters!’

Bringing back the D's

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However, there were a small amount of fans who’d noticed something a little odd about the shot – and they actually accused Mr Laing of using editing tools. Eep.

Messages read: ‘Waist looks a bit dodge,’ and: ‘Lmao he’s always naked… that waist tho?’ and: ‘While I appreciate the Lang… I feel like some serious photoshop has been applied to the waist… No need [sic].’

Jamie Laing has been a bit of a naughty boy

Hmmm. Personally, we don’t think there’s any need for Jamie to Photoshop his body, so we can’t see why he would.

Whatever the case, we hope he gave that teddy a clean after…