There May Be War Between Jamie Laing And Jess Woodley

Uh-oh. We smell trouble brewing between Made In Chelsea‘s Jamie Laing and Jess Woodley.

On Monday night’s dramz-filled episode, we saw the on-off couple decide to be friends after months of enduring a will they-won’t they relationship.

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But not before Jamie dropped the L-bomb (oh yes) and Jess admitted to pal Millie Wilkinson that she loved him but ‘didn’t fancy him’. Awkward.

Jamie Laing and Jess Woodley Jamie Laing and Jess Woodley decided they were better apart


At first, Jamie seemed to take the rejection pretty well. He Tweeted after the show: ‘You gotta put your feelings on the line other wise you’ll always be “what if”.’

But the 26-year-old later admitted that it was pretty tough having to carry on filming alongside Jess, 21, for the rest of the season.

He actually got a teeny bit catty, telling Mirror Online: ‘At the time, I was sad because I really liked her and I thought we were good together. But I guess some things just don’t work out.

‘It really sucked filming with her afterwards. I don’t have the power to [get her fired from MIC] but I wish I did!’ Ouch.

Jamie Laing Jamie Laing told Jess Woodle he loved her on Monday’s show


He also revealed how he’d been dealing with the split, advising: ‘Exercise, keeping yourself busy and keeping yourself entertained are the best ways to get over a break-up. Finding someone new helps as well!

‘Unfortunately finding someone else isn’t that easy because of the show. People think it is but it isn’t. If it was, I would be in love right now, wouldn’t I?’

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Judging by recent photos, things are still kinda tense between the pair.

Jess Woodley and Jamie Laing We HOPE Jess Woodley was joking here…


At the launch party of the 10th series earlier this month, Jess was seen swearing at Jamie. Eek! But he took it pretty well, laughing off the cheeky gesture.

We just can’t wait to see what happens on Monday night’s programme…