Why Are People Being So Horrible About Jamie Laing’s Hand?

Ooh. So it looks like Jamie Laing and Frankie Gaff have officially got it together.

As we all know, things have been on-off between the pair since they first sparked up a romance on Made In Chelsea.

If you haven’t been watching, let us recap.

Frankie Gaff and Jamie Laing have had a tumultuous romance on Made In Chelsea


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When Frankie was first introduced at the start of the current series, we saw Jamie, 27, admit that he’d liked her for the past three years. But unfortunately for the blond lothario, she’d always been in relationships.

However, she’s now single, and they ended up going on a date. But not before he’d gone out with co-star Jessica Molly on the same night. Eep.


We then saw Jamie admitting to hooking up with a girl on a skiing trip – and having a bit of an intimate conversation with his ex-fling Jess Woodley.

So it’s safe to say that things haven’t exactly been plain sailing for Framie.

But the pair are now in Cannes, France, where they’re filming the next season of MIC with co-stars including Binky Felstead, Ollie Locke, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, Sam Thompson, Alex Mytton, Stephanie Pratt and Mark-Francis Vandelli.

The Made In Chelsea crew are currently filming in Cannes


Earlier this week, 22-year-old Frankie shared an Instagram video of herself and Jamie larking about in the sea together, as well as a photo of them holding hands. Aw.

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Of course, after seeing this snap, we’d have expected people to talk about the fact that Frankie appears to have finally forgiven Jamie for his antics.

But actually, that wasn’t what people were commenting on. Instead, they seemed fixated on, er, Jamie’s hands.

It was *this* photo that caused a stir


Messages included: ‘That’s Jamie’s hand? Looks like an old mans hand,’ ‘Omg jamies hands look really old!!! I thought it was an old ladys hands,’ and: ‘OMG whaaaaat??? I thought it was her nans or something [sic].’

Um. A little harsh, no?! We can’t see anything wrong this his hand. And we think it’s great that they seem to have sorted things out between them.

Let’s just hope Jamie’s good behaviour can last, eh?