Jamie Laing Has Received A Painful Sporting Injury

We’re feeling pretty sorry for Jamie Laing right now.

The Made In Chelsea star is suffering from a very painful-sounding injury – and it sounds as though he may end up out of action for a little while.

Jamie has broken his hand. Er, OUCH. He lamented to his Twitter followers earlier this morning, writing: ‘Turns out my hand is broken…’

Poor Jamie. But how did he do this? Well, unfortunately for the 26-year-old, he actually managed to hurt himself exercising.

Jamie Laing Jamie Laing told fans about his broken hand on Twitter


He continued on the social media site: ‘That’s why you get for boxing training too hard!!’

This isn’t the first time Jamie’s been in pain recently. He finished off his message with the comment: ‘Ribs now hand, what’s next.’

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His fans were quick to send their sympathies, with one advising: ‘ouch! Jamie take up #Tiddlywinks it’s safer! x,’ and another telling him: ‘Jamie be careful.’

Another asked: ‘did you not wear wraps under your boxing mitts(or gloves)? take care of your hands xx.’

Jamie Laing Jamie Laing is a big fan of boxing


Despite his injury, it doesn’t seem as though Jamie will be giving up boxing anytime soon.

He’s clearly a massive fan of the sport, this week posting an Instagram video of himself practising for the ring.

And it was actually another hobby that led to trouble with his ribs. Last month, he cracked them while playing a charity rugby game.

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He captioned an image of himself hooked up in hospital: ‘Had the most amazing day of my life thank you @rugbyaid2015… This is the price you pay for putting your body on the line for England Rugby…

Jamie Laing Jamie Laing recently cracked his ribs playing rugby


‘Loved every moment #crackedribs #stillplayedon.’

Crikey. Please be careful from now on, Jamie!