Love Island’s Jamie Reveals How He Really Feels About Jonny

They both coupled up with Camilla in the villa...

She may now be loved-up with Jamie Jewitt, but cast your minds back a few weeks and you’ll remember that Camilla Thurlow had a pretty rocky start on Love Island.

The 28-year-old was devastated when Jonny Mitchell ditched her for Tyla Carr, and then there was the aftermath of that feminism argument.

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Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow

Jonny and Camilla split after an on/off romance

Considering Jonny broke his lady’s heart, it’d be totally understandable if Jamie, 27, had a bone to pick with him.

But it seems that’s not the case. In fact, there’s no beef there at all.

Jamie says: ‘I really like Jonny. I don’t think he meant any harm – he came onto a show and I think he tried to do right in some of the things but ended up causing a huge mess.

Jonny and Tyla ended up hooking up

‘He didn’t deal with the Tyla thing very well, he jumped ship very, very quickly. [Watching] that moment at home I was like: “Ohh man that is brutal.”

‘But after meeting him and being inside that place… you can’t describe how different it is when you get in there and what it does to you.

‘It stirs up your emotions in ways you can’t imagine. I didn’t have any thing bad to say about him when I got in there.’

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Luckily, Camilla is now over her fling with the Essex lad. We mean, she IS dating a Calvin Klein model…

But she admits that she found the situation incredibly difficult at the time, adding: ‘At that moment I felt so alone. I’d never dealt with these emotions before, I’ve always had something else to focus on, like work.

‘Coming out and realising everyone was there with me – it’s an unbelievable feeling. People genuinely cared how I was feeling in the moment… knowing that at the time would have made a world of difference.’

Aw. We’re still totally with you, lady.