Viewers Think That This Oscars Moment Was Really Uncomfortable

Everyone is talking about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson...

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan obviously know each other from that little film called Fifty Shades. 

The pair of them have been filming the trilogy, which is based on the cult novel written by E. L. James, for the past few years.

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At tonight’s Oscars, both actors took to the stage to present the award for Best Production Design. Dakota wore a glitzy gold Gucci dress, whilst Dornan opted for a suave cream and black tuxedo.

Looking good, guys.

But it seems as though their big moment sparked quite the reaction over on Twitter.

As Dakota took to the stage to declare that he looked familiar (LOL), Jamie dryly pointed out: ‘I’m sure I do.’

Many were quick to tweet about how ‘awkward’ the moment seemed, with reactions including:

Oh dear.

We’re sure that it’s exceptionally daunting to take to the stage at such a world-famous (and widely watched) event, so we have a feeling that nerves might have come into play a little bit.

Either way, we think they did a sterling job.

Jamie Dornan with his wife, Amelia Warner, on the red carpet…

The 34-year-old has recently spoken out about his friendship with his co-star, following the end of filming.

Talk about #FriendshipGoals.