James Jordan Hits Back At Unfair Claims Surrounding His Wife Ola

The I'm A Celebrity star has spoken out about how she got together with her husband, but he's not happy...

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is well and truly underway, but even though the celebs are currently tucked away in the jungle of Oz, there’s still some dramz going on back home.

The Sun have reported that Ola Jordan – one of the stand-out personalities on this year’s ITV show – made a big revelation before she flew to Australia, and it’s all about how she met her Strictly Come Dancing hubby, James Jordan.

The publication alleges that she made her claims in her new book, Strictly Ola: My Story.

Reminiscing about the first time that she met James, she explained: ‘He was tall and very good-looking, with slicked black-back black hair and piercing blue eyes. His dancing was amazing.

‘His partner was Polish, and when I watched them dance together I was filled with just one thought: “I want to have a partner like that one day.”

‘At one point during the competition I actually got introduced to this tall, dark stranger, very fleetingly. “Hello”, he smiled. And then he was gone.’

She added: ‘The brief meeting stuck in my mind. I thought this guy would be incredible. I would really like a partner like him one day, I thought, but he was well out of my league.’

'Loose Women' TV show, London, UK - 27 Sep 2016

It turned out that, later on, Ola received a phone call from James’ dance partner, saying that they were both looking for new people to dance with, and that James would like to fly to Poland for a trial with her.

Ola confessed, ‘As well as being James’s dance partner, the girl who had phoned me was also his girlfriend.’

Ola was 17-years-old at the time, and she revealed, ‘It didn’t bother me that he had a girlfriend. I was four and a half years younger than James and never considered for one moment that he could possibly be interested in a girl like me, not in that way.’

'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' TV Show, Australia - 24 Nov 2016

According to The Sun, the pair clicked immediately, and Ola moved to the UK to train with him. They worked hard on their routines for two years, and James’ relationship with his girlfriend became strained before they finally split.

The Sun claims that, when a then-single James heard that Ola had gone to the cinema with another dance partner, he ‘completely snapped’, leaving them both admitting their feelings for one another.

Many have taken this to mean that Ola ‘stole’ her husband from another girl, but this seems pretty unfair considering they were only working together until he became a single man.

'Seven Days With' TV show, Series 2, Britain - 2015

Of course, Ola is in the jungle and can’t speak out about the story, but James Jordan, who’s always been incredibly vocal, has wasted no time in hitting back at claims that his wife ‘stole’ him.

In a string of angry tweets, the Strictly dancer said: ‘I love how in the Daily Mail today it says Ola stole me from another woman 😂 BULLS**T. We have been together 17 years and I had already split….

‘Ola is not like that AT ALL. I was 21 and she was 17.. Lucky people can see what a sweet wonderful person she… DON’T WRITE SH*T ABOUT MY WIFE [sic]’.