James Arthur Spotted Kissing Mystery Brunette On Night Out

James Arthur fans might want to cover their eyes right about now, as we’ve got some very hot shots of The X Factor star locking lips with a mystery lady while outside Mahiki in London last night.

James left the club with the brunette and treated waiting photographers to a sneaky smooch. 

And if you weren’t jealous before, you certainly will be now. Not only did James plant a snog on the lucky young lady’s lips – but he also treated her to a single red rose from a flower seller on the street. CUTE.

James cuddled the girl and held her close to keep her warm, then left the scene in a cab with her. Sigh. He’s been flirting outrageously with the gorgeous Caroline Flack on The Xtra Factor every week, so perhaps he’s just trying to make her jealous. He’s certainly made us LOOK girls green-eyed!  

George Shelley was also at the club, and left holding hands with a pretty blonde girl, followed by a very shy Emma Watson later in the evening.

Did we just miss the best showbiz party ever? Looks like it! RM