So This Is What The *Old* Martin Fowler Is Up To Now

Before James Bye took over, James Alexandrou played the EastEnders character from 1996-2007...

We’re all agreed that James Bye does a great job as Martin Fowler on EastEnders.

But who can forget the old Martin Fowler?! Y’know, the guy we grew up watching throughout the late 90s and 00s.

James Alexandrou played the character as he fathered a daughter with Sonia, killed Jamie Mitchell off in a car accident and dealt with the Christmas Day murder of his mum Pauline.

James Bye

Martin Fowler is now played by James Bye

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James took over the role from original actor Jon Peyton-Price in 1996, when he was just 11 years old. He quit the Square in 2007.

At the time, he said: ‘I’ve decided to leave the show to experience other aspects of my industry. Having turned 21, I felt it was a good time to leave.

James Alexandrou

James Alexandrou (pictured in 2014) is now cutting a suave figure

‘I owe everything to the show and would love to come back one day – that’s if EastEnders would have me.’

However, when James Bye became Martin in 2014, he was said to have received the 31-year-old’s ‘blessing’. So it seems he’s clearly put his ‘Enders days behind him.

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James Alexandrou

James Alexandrou has experimented with a shaved head

With that in mind, we’ve been wondering… what’s James up to now?! Well, he’s still in the ‘biz, but he’s now writing and directing as well as acting.

He’s certainly not afraid to go all out for his new parts. Last year, he shared a Twitter snap of himself with some, er, fetching bright orange hair.

He’d captioned the shot: ‘Why I love acting. You never know who might be looking at you in the mirror from one day to the next.’

He kinda pulls it off, right? But judging by his more recent photos, he’s now back to his natural brunette.

Ah. Now we’re feeling all kinds of nostalgic…