Jameela Jamil To Ditch Her Wardrobe For A Chicken Costume

Jameela Jamil is our hero. The TV and radio presenter has made an amazing pledge for Red Nose Day 2013 which has earnt her some serious LOOK brownie points.

She’s vowed to wear a chicken costume for an ENTIRE month – to work and every single showbiz event – if she raises £50,000 for Comic Relief.

Now, we’ve always rated Ms Jamil’s style. We can’t fault her selection of hats, that super-cute star on her cheek and her gorgeous range of Very.co.uk prom dresses and blouses. But this chicken costume is our favourite outfit by miles – and with good reason. Because every penny Jameela raises will go to help children across the world.

Just £15 will pay for a child’s eye test in Africa, while £50 will pay for a therapy session for a UK child suffering from neglect and abuse.

The chicken suit is yellow, it’s fluffy, and has giant red wings. Let’s be honest, no pair of killer heels is going to make this outfit look good. Which is why we have the utmost respect for Jameela’s crazy style choice.

She says: “I’m going to reduce my dwindling sex factor by wearing a full chicken suit for a month to all work and events IF I raise £50,000 for Red Nose Day 2013 to change lives both here in the UK and in Africa.

“And that’s where you come in. If you sponsor me, you’ll be helping to make the world of difference.

“Save lives and you get to see me make an absolute goon of myself! THANK YOU!!!”

That’s reason enough for us. Sponsor Jameela at my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/jameelajamil. RM