This Disney Star Is Actually Dating His Biggest Fan

Image: @jaketaustin

Imagine sending out a hopeful tweet to, say, Justin Bieber, only for him to not just respond, but to ask you out on an actual date. It’s the stuff of dreams. Or nightmares, depending on your opinion of Justin Bieber. But thanks to Disney star Jake T. Austin, Beliebers everywhere have been instilled with a new, near-hysterical sense of hope. 

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Why? Well, Jake- who starred alongside Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place- is actually dating one of his fans, Danielle Caesar, after she sent him various compliments and messages of admiration via Twitter. For FIVE YEARS. The 22-year old, who was but one of Jake’s 3.6 million followers on Twitter, sent messages such as “You’re amazing; sorry just thought you should know that :)” and “I’m gonna deff try & meet youu this summer!!” 

The two met at a signing in New York in 2011, where Danielle posted a picture of herself with Jake along with the caption: “Your smile is so cute @JakeTAustin.” Hundreds of tweets later, the pair became official. Jake confirmed the news on his Instagram account, with the above picture featuring snuggling. It also featured the caption: “I’m crazy for her.” With a BLUE heart. What does this mean?! 

> Back in 2011, Danielle uploaded this picture when she met Jake at a signing in New York

Image: @danielle_sayz

Obviously, the world reacted with the shock and incredulity that such a story warrants, with Jake’s devoted followers taking to- yep you guessed it, Twitter- to share their thoughts on the romance. One user said: “Can someone put me in touch with Jake T. Austin’s girlfriend I need to know how she did it,” with another writing: “WTF! REAL STORY!! DON’T LOSE YOUR HOPE, LADIES!” One simply said: “If you’re ever sad just remember that Jake T. Austin is dating someone who was a huge fan of his!” Wise words indeed. 

Our favourite fanbase, those cheeky Directioners, were also pretty jubilant on hearing the news, with one tweeting: “Jake T.Austin is dating a fangirl. Niall Horan take note.” Others said, “The fact that Jake T. Austin is dating a fan! Gives me high hope that I can possibly date @Harry_Styles or @onedirection in general!” and “@harrystyles PLEASE CAN THIS BE US??” Watch out, boys. 

Even more excitingly, Jake confirmed his relationship with Danielle in a suitably gushing email to Daily News: “We’re young and having fun just getting to know each other. It doesn’t matter how you meet someone – on set, in a coffee shop, at school, or in the business.Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment and you just click.” 

While we’d advise against the online stalking of a celebrity, it seems that sometimes, dreams really do come true.