Awks! Jake Gyllenhaal Expertly Shuts Down Taylor Swift Questions

Get ready for a total body cringe...

Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift? Maybe not because it was AGES AGO. Which is probably why you should never, ever (ever) bring it up if you ever meet Jake. A reporter recently learned that the hard way…

Taylor swift

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Way back in 2010 Jake and Taylor hooked up for all of 3 months. At the time it was a notable fling, mainly because Jake was 9 years Taylor’s senior. The singer reportedly included Jake in her writings on the Red album, a signature Swift-y move.

jake gyllenhaal

Whilst promoting his new flick Life, Jake found himself the recipient of Taylor-related questions all over again and was NOT happy about it.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift dated back in 2010

Here’s an extract from The Guardian’s interview. WARNING: You might want to grab your coat, things are about to get chilly…

TMZ pyblishes Taylor Swift photo

For someone so intensely private, wasn’t it playing with fire a little to start dating [Taylor Swift]?

Asking this proves to be a mistake. “I think when you’re in a relationship, you are constantly scrutinised, your friends are scrutinised, but …”

He trails off and stares at me, ramping up the intensity of his eyes like he’s done in so many roles.

But what? Gyllenhaal just continues to stare. Then he performs an exaggerated shrug.

So, er, did he listen to any of the many songs rumoured to be about him? More silence.

The atmosphere has become uncomfortably tense. Would he like to move on? “I would love to not talk about my personal life.”

Jake Gyllenhaal auditioning for the part of Cher from Clueless for W Magazine

AWKIES. Who knew Jake would be so angry? Maybe he was hungry too and therefore HANGRY.

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That wasn’t all. Jake went on…

“[Obama] told me: ‘You have a job as an artist to help people through difficult times, to illuminate things through art.’ He said: ‘That’s your job.’ And my parents have always said that, too. And I’m sure you know it, because you seem like a very smart person who has done their research, particularly into tabloid research, which is obviously the most important of all research.”

Jake Gyllenhaal Wearing A Lapel Tuxedo By Burberry At The Golden Globe Awards, 2011

OUCH. So, if you ever (ever, ever) meet Jake Gyllenhaal PLEASE never (ever, ever) ask his questions about his private life. Just about Life the film.