Jake Gyllenhaal - beard or no beard?

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Back & Beardy At ‘End Of Watch’ Premiere

Jake Gyllenhaal was showing off a pretty impressive beard at the LA premiere of End Of Watch last night, teaming it with an open shirt and a three-piece navy suit.

This cop drama is the first film he’s been in since last year’s Source Code, and we’re glad to see him back!

He’s bald and clean-shaven in the film, which will premiere in the UK at the London Film Festival in October, but he’s the latest in a line of handsome stars to grow some face fur – Tom Hardy recently grew a huge beard for new movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

Check out the video below for a closer look at beardy Jake, and let us know if you prefer him with or without the beard on Twitter @Lookmagazine! BS