Jade Ellis Accuses X Factor Judges Of Tactical Voting

The X Factor‘s Jade Ellis was voted off the competition on Sunday after Gary Barlow accused the mum-of-one for “not wanting it enough”.

Gary took the final vote on the panel, choosing to save Louis Walsh’s boyband Union J after an intense sing-off. Now, Jade has revealed she thinks that the judges are being tactical in their voting, saving their own acts and sending the better singers home.

In an interview with This Morning yesterday, Jade said: “It is getting to that point in the game where the judges all criticise each other’s acts. But whatever the reasoning, I don’t think they did it lightly.”

Jade smiled through her performance of Dido’s ‘White Flag‘ on Sunday, which promoted Gary to say “I’m worried I want this more than you do.”

Talking about his harsh comments, Jade said: “I don’t think anybody would leave a young child at home for that length of time if they didn’t really want what they were doing to be a success.

“Maybe he wanted me to look a bit more desperate for it.”

Something tells us that the judges are about to get a whole lot worse as the show continues. Roll on Saturday night! RM