Jacqueline Jossa Defends Sam Faiers’ Breastfeeding Picture

Sam has caused controversy once again... Sigh.

A subject that has recently caused mass controversy and has had people up in arms is breastfeeding.

Yup, the public are well and truly divided over the subject of shouting about breastfeeding.

Some people are arguing that it should be done in private, whilst others believe it’s a perfectly natural thing that mothers shouldn’t be shamed for.

One celebrity who has made her thoughts on the debate perfectly clear is The Only Way Is Essex‘s Sam Faiers. She was recently flooded with praise after she appeared on This Morning with her son, Paul. After arriving to her slot late due to bad traffic, Paul needing nursing and Sam didn’t hesitate to go ahead and breastfeed him live on air.

'This Morning' TV show, London, UK - 12 Oct 2016

Now, Sam has caused even more sparks to fly around the subject as she posted a picture to Instagram showing Sam breasting Baby Paul whilst her niece Nelly is perched on her knee, captioned ‘love my family ❤️❤️ missed my sister and nelly soo much. #madhouse #family #love #feedingtime xxx’

So sweet!

Love my family ❤️❤️ missed my sister and nelly soo much. #madhouse #family #love #feedingtime xxx

A photo posted by Samantha Faiers (@samanthafaiers1) on

Unfortunately, some people criticised the photo. One commented, ‘So weird to post this on social media’ and another furious user wrote, ‘What an attention seeking photo’.



Bit extreme, guys!


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EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, who has a young daughter, leaped to Sam’s defence with her own comment on the post.

She wrote, ‘I don’t understand why you people follow her if you don’t want to see her breastfeeding she’s very open and you must know she posts whatever she wants, if it makes you uncomfortable just unfollow, don’t write stupid comments, I for one follow because her pictures are beautiful and so is breastfeeding, shouldn’t be a big issue, it’s all natural. It’s life. If you don’t like it, remove yourself. X lovely pic @samanthafaiers1 x’ [sic].


Yasss, Jacqueline!

Amidst the negativity, there were also plenty of positive comments praising Sam for normalising breastfeeding on her account.

We’re with you there, Sam!

By Catherine Delves