Jack P Shepherd Reveals More About Kylie’s Corrie Death

Eep. We’re not sure we’re prepared for Kylie Platt’s death on Coronation Street.

Actress Paula Lane has already said viewers will be ‘shocked’, and now Jack P Shepherd – who plays Kylie’s on-screen husband David Platt – has admitted that the scripts made him cry.

Jack, 28, appeared on This Morning earlier today, where he spoke about how difficult it was to film David becoming a widower.

> Jack P Shepherd appeared on This Morning today


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He said: ‘They [the bosses] did tell me actually when the scripts were coming out. They’re very harrowing and very emotional.

‘I read them and I’ve never read any scenes before and cried unless I was reading them and I was meant to be crying. [So Kylie’s death scenes were the first time I’ve cried at a script].



‘She will be missed, not because she’s Paula, because David and Kylie have this strong relationship.

‘Filming the scenes when she does die, me and Paula were crying all the way through and we physically couldn’t stop. They’re so harrowing.’

Kylie is set to leave our screens next week, although everyone’s keeping tight-lipped on how she’ll actually be killed off.

> Paula Lane has played Kylie Platt since 2010


Despite this, fans have been coming up with their own theories. Most of them revolve around Callum Logan, who Kylie (of course) killed last year.

One’s Tweeted: ‘For some reason I still don’t think Callum’s dead. Maybe he will come back and kill her.’ Ooh, interesting…

Unfortunately for these viewers, it’s thought that the cause of Kylie’s death will stay unclear for months as the ongoing storyline unfolds.

> Could Kylie Platt’s death have something to do with Callum Logan?


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While this is clearly a big move for Paula, the 30-year-old says she’s ready to move on. She was originally supposed to play Kylie for a six-month stint, but ended up staying for six years.

We’re going to miss you, lady! But we can’t to see what happens over the next few episodes…