Jack P. Shepherd Admits He Doesn’t Miss Corrie Co-Star Paula Lane

The pair played husband and wife until Paula's character Kylie Platt was killed off in July...

Can you believe it’s been three whole months since Kylie Platt’s death on Coronation Street?

Yep. The feisty nail technician – played by Paula Lane – lost her life back in July, after being stabbed in the heart by thug Clayton.

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Kylie Platt Coronation Street death

Kylie Platt was murdered by thug Clayton in July

Since then, we’ve seen her on-screen husband David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) become obsessed with avenging her death.

But is Jack as upset in real life? Well, er, apparently not. When asked if he’s missing Paula, he responded: ‘No.’

Awks much?

Kylie Platt's husband David (Jack P Shepherd) found her dying on the cobbles

Kylie Platt’s husband David (Jack P Shepherd) found her dying on the cobbles

But don’t worry, the pair haven’t had a huge fall-out. Jack, 28, explains: ‘It’s only because it has been non-stop, and we haven’t had time, I don’t think, to think about her.

‘And because the scenes we’ve been doing have been very dramatic, I think it’ll feel weird when we’re doing normal everyday Platt scenes and she’s not there.’

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Helen Worth (Gail Platt) has also spoken about Paula’s exit, saying: ‘The other thing is you always expect characters to come back.

Kylie Platt death theory

‘You don’t say goodbye to them, you just think they will be there again because people do go away and come back.’

So what’s next for David? Well, he’s concocted a dangerous plan in order to put an end to Clayton. Eep.

He’s plotting to buy a second hand car, fill it with petrol and cause a fiery crash as the murderer is transferred from prison to court for his trial.

Jack tells The Sun: ‘David wants to kill [Clayton] but he knows the only way he’s gonna kill him means that he has to kill himself in the process.

Kylie Platt death picture

Jack P. Shepherd has opened up about David Platt’s plan

‘His plan is that he’s going to blow him up.’

NOOO. Does this mean David will be leaving our screens? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see…