It Takes David Beckham *This* Long To Look Good

David Beckham has just been unveiled as the global ambassador of Biotherm Homme.

Not only is he the face of the brand, but David is also set to develop a line of men’s grooming products with Biotherm.

‘I’m excited to be working with Biotherm Homme,’ David said in an official statement. ‘I’ve been thinking about developing a skincare range for a long time and it wasn’t until I started speaking with Biotherm that it all came together.

‘They are as ambitious as I am, and we look forward to showing everyone the fruits of our labour very soon.’

YES. Now your man can look JUST like David (well, not really but at least his skin will look nice.)


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According to David: ‘When you look after yourself, you feel better, you look better. I cleanse, I moisturise. I’m in and out in seven minutes.’

SEVEN minutes to look that good?! Ok, now we are really sold.



The bad news is that the only way you can get Biotherm Homme is at duty free counters across the country, and the line is not released until next year.


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Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to see David’s beautiful face though, as his first campaign with the brand – for their best selling gel moisturiser, Aquapower – is released in June.

David also revealed in a video for the company, that the tattoo that hurt the most was his son Cruz’s name on the back of his neck, the inspiration for his beard was laziness and that the secret to being a gentleman was to open doors for ladies.

Uhhhh, as if we weren’t in love with him enough!


By Megan Wiseman