The Islanders Turn On Olivia As She Gets Closer With Chris And Mike

Some of the contestants aren't happy with Olivia's behaviour...

Warning: Tonight’s Love Island is going to be SERIOUSLY juicy, as the Chris-Olivia-Mike love triangle escalates.

With their flirtation intensifying, Chris even tries to sneakily steal a kiss from Olivia, saying: ‘I want to kiss you on the lips. Just one kiss on the lips. Can I do that?’

Despite being coupled up with Mike, Olivia keeps Chris interested: ‘Yeah, later,’ she promises.

But confident Chris isn’t giving up that easily: ‘Now, quickly. No one’s looking, no one’s looking. All you’ve got to do is look at me.’

When Liv rejects him again, Chris’s begging just continues: ‘Later… what before bed? Promise.’

Oh, Chris… What are you doing?!

But Olivia certainly isn’t making it easy for him, as she teases: ‘Shall we have sex?’ Erm…

But while Liv insists her life is ‘a mess’, fellow Islander Chloe doesn’t seem convinced, saying: ‘I like Liv, I think she’s a nice girl but I feel like she is playing a very dangerous game.’

Chris’s head is only going to get more messed up when Chloe tells him about Liv and Mike’s sly smooch, but of course he does his best to appear not bothered: ‘I know if there was a recoupling coming up today and the girls had to choose, she would choose me over him.’

Later on, after Mike walks in on Chris having a moment with Olivia (awkward), Liv makes sure to keep both men on side as she takes to the garden for a cheeky chat with Mike.

Discussing how her ideal date would be to ‘stay in all day and have sex literally all day’, Mike’s definitely intrigued, boasting: ‘I’m very dominant though.’

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The conversation continues and Olivia insists that, although Chris clearly likes her, he’s ‘done nothing about it’.

Was begging for a kiss a few hours ago not enough, Liv?

Speaking to Chloe, Amber relays that Kem isn’t very happy with Olivia: ‘Kem said to me last night in bed, and he would never speak badly about Liv, but he was just like: “She’s being unfair.”

When Chloe agrees, Amber concludes: ‘There’s nothing anyone can say for her to stop doing what she’s doing.’

But as Olivia praises Mike for doing well with her so far, she gets closer to Chris as the evening goes on – when they find themselves alone again. Or so they think…

With Amber having seen an intimate encounter between Liv and Chris, is she going to keep her mouth shut?


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Tune in to ITV2 tonight at 9pm to watch the explosive episode…

By Emily Jefferies