Zoella Wants Her Fans To Know That She Really Isn’t Pregnant

The YouTube star had to shut down rumours (again) after a tweet about 'cravings' confused her fans...

Okay, so it’s safe to say that pretty much every one of Zoe Sugg’s fans want her to take the next step with boyfriend Alfie Deyes.

The loved-up pair, who both boast millions of social media followers and YouTube subscribers, let their fans share a glimpse into their relationship online, so we can completely understand why their followers feel so invested. We mean, just one glance at their Instagram selfies will give you all of the #RelationshipGoals.

Zoella Alfie

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Zoe, also known as Zoella, has been plagued by ‘engagement‘ and ‘baby’ rumours numerous times. But last night, when the 26-year-old was updating her followers with what was on her mind, something ended up spiralling that she probably didn’t see coming.

Zo’ told her fans, ‘WHY AM I CRAVING JELLY?’ – perfectly reasonable, if you ask us. Anyway, it didn’t take too long for her fans to latch onto the idea that Zoe might have been ‘craving’, and we ALL know what that could imply…

It seems as though Zoella’s Twitter notifications might have gone into overdrive, as she didn’t take too long to follow up: ‘My mentions right now! 😑 Can’t you crave something without being pregnant? 😂 No babies planned for 2017 guys!’

That’s that then, folks.

Zoe also decided to poke fun at the amount of times she’d heard the rumour about herself, adding, ‘You know when I actually do get pregnant im [sic] going to troll you all for 9 months then just walk into shot carrying a baby! 😂 CAN YOU IMAGINE’.

You tease, Zo.