Is This What Nicole Scherzinger Is Like Behind The X Factor Scenes?

A former contestant claims Nicole Scherzinger's off-camera persona is a bit different to the Scherzy we know and love

She’s known for her flamboyant personality and, erm, unique ways of describing things (schamazing, anyone?) but one X Factor contestant has less than nice things to say about Nicole Scherzinger.

James Hughes, who made it as far as the judges’ houses before being sent home, slammed Scherzy for being rude off-camera, saying: “She’s so nice on camera, but I felt she had no time for me once they were off.”

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He also alleged that her final choices of contestants might not have been her own. “I don’t even think she picked her final three boys!” he said.

James reserved his highest praise for Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, saying they were “lovely”. Simon Cowell, however, apparently “left as soon as the cameras were off”.

Surely Scherzy’s shining personality can’t all be an act? Well, maybe not, as another former contestant, Freddy Parker, says he “can’t thank her enough”.

“She could have just left me to my own thing and not had any contact with me, but she was so hands-on,” he told Digital Spy.

Hmm, that’s a bit of a different story to the one James is painting!

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Nicole also came under fire on Saturday’s show, on October 22. For Diva Week, she opened the show with a medley of I’m Every Woman and R.E.S.P.E.C.T., but some viewers slated her for making it the “Nicole show”.

Both of her remaining contestants, Ryan Lawrie and Matt Terry, made it through to the following week.

Let’s hope they’re enjoying their time with Nicole more than James did…