Is Spencer Pratt Tweeting From The Celebrity Big Brother House?

Spencer Pratt may have broken one of Big Brother’s biggest rules by taking his mobile phone into the Channel 5 house. 

The Hills star entered the Celebrity Big House last night with his wife Heidi Montag and just hours after he settled in he began to tweet from his verified account.

He said: “Everyone treats this s*it as if it were sacred. It’s all a game. So I can tweet. So what? Heidi’s right here telling me what to write.”

When he was questioned on the presence of his mobile phone, he wrote: “Can we PLEASE just get back to discussing more important things. Don’t blow a fuse over nothing. It’s just how reality tv goes.”

Followed by: “Listen, tweeps, keep calm and carry on. This is perfectly explainable. I have been allowed to tweet as a plot device in the season.”

Heidi tweeted last week how Spencer had lost his mobile phone “somewhere in London”. His Twitter followers are now suggesting that the account has been hacked.

He added: “For the love of God & for the LAST time, I found my phone in Heidi’s purse!! Getting so very tired of this.The show’s writers are working right now on a cover story to play with you. Don’t be surprised if I deny all this on next week’s show.”

Would he even get a signal in the CBB basement? Over to you, Channel 5… RM